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How To Get Quality Free Content For Your Site

Books and other sources of free content in an officeA lot of businesses struggle with creating content for their websites and blogs. Most people are too busy with other aspects of their business to be bothered about content. Only those who understand the power of quality and useful content worry so much. There are so many great benefits of using free content that this topic has become very necessary.

The most obvious is that you don’t need budget whatsoever.

If you are willing to sit down and research and then write the content for your site,  it’s totally free. It is as simple as understanding your customer’s needs and creating contents that meet those needs.

You also have more control if you were making your content yourself.  You communicate in a tone you know your customers would love having studied them

We have all heard the horror stories of people paying for content and getting fluff in return. When writing and creating content for yourself you indirectly test your knowledge of your product or service.

When you create your own content, you build up your writing, video creation and other skills. You can then get better and better with each article or blog post you write.

Other ways of getting free content ideas

Writing content can be time consuming when you are starting out.  people hate to experience writer’s block. A very common problem people have when trying to write great content and come up with content ideas. Most people that get it once don’t try writing again.

  1. Do a search on google on your niche, check the first  articles that show up on the first page and draw inspiration from them.
  2. Another way of getting free content is to visit notable blogs in your niche and have a read over their posts both new and archived. Take your time and read through a few blogs, writing down ideas for articles that interest you. Remember it is much easier to write about things you are interested in. This is not to suggest that you should go out and plagiarize someone else’s content.
  3. Searching and browsing niche forums is another great way of getting content ideas. Look at the discussions and feed backs. This will give you an idea of what your customers are concerned about and help you write and develop content from their discussion.
  4. Brainstorming content ideas once you have a little bit of inspiration is a lot easier if you head over to This is a free service that allows you to easily and quickly create mind abs online. Start by adding your niche topic or seed keyword to the centre bubble. This step requires a great deal of independent thinking. Basically you want to call up your niche research as well as natural intuition to come up with as larger list as possible or sub niche topics that you can use for writing articles.
  5. Contact people that have written relevant articles that would benefit your audience and ask for permission to publish them. Your success with this method is dependent on the tone of your mail and the writer’s disposition.
  6. Another way of getting free content is to curate articles or other people’s content. It’s easy, find content your audience would love, write an introduction of it and put the link to the website so that you readers will benefit from it. A compelling introduction of the article, listing some strong points from it will help inspire you readers to click the link.
  7. There are other ways of getting free content for your site without having to go through the whole researching and brainstorming process. Some people like getting ideas from article directories like Ezine articles. You can read through a few articles on a subjects then pick and choose the best bit, then write them in your own words.

If you really struggle with content creation, then this could be an option but it is still preferable to actually learn how to research and brain storm content ideas for your self. Also note that some articles on article  directories are not so good. You don’t want to rewrite crap. Quality should be your mission.

After a thorough check you can republish articles from most article directories for free on you website or blog. The problem with doing this is you are just using duplicate content and it is highly unlikely you will ever rank well on search engines using borrowed content.

How to make your free content count

As much you desire free content, quality should be your priority. This is because some practices like duplicate content would do your site more harm than good.  Just because you are making contents for free doesn’t excuse it from being absolutely top notch in terms of quality. Do not give links to your competition by coping their content. Do not accept any kind of content because it is free or cheap, you may end up losing your customers trust. Take this steps to create great content for your readers.

  • Start by brainstorming ideas
  • Do proper keyword research so your articles are targeted to great long tail keywords perfectly with a strong buyer intent.
  • Once you have your keyword, it’s time to create a befitting tittle.
  • Write the article body, this is easiest if you use bullet points or ordered list, it makes your writing flow better and readers love lists.
  • After writing the article body, do the intro and conclusion.
  • Proof read and edit your writing for any mistakes, typos or inaccuracies. One of the easiest ways to improve the quality of the content you write is to thoroughly check it for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly provides one of the best online spelling and grammar checking services. Use it when you write articles to ensure you don’t make mistakes that can put readers off. If you write your articles in a word processor programme such as Microsoft word then use the grammar and spell check in that.


If you are inspired by this post and want to create content for others or your blog go ahead and create your profile so that you can be found by people who need articles. Keep writing to improve you skills, it’s all about practice and using tools to help you check your writing. Keep to an easy to follow writing structure. Send us a mail if you want us to write for you. Free content will save you some money, however if you really want to speed up the writing process just shoot us a mail for affordable top notch content your readers would benefit from.

Which is your best resource for free content? We love to learn from you.




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