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Why Most Creative People Earn Little In Nigeria

Nicely cut fresh oranges signaling a fresh start for creative people

If you are quite creative there’s a higher possibility of not being business minded. Business mindedness is not about putting a price tag to everything, no, that would hurt you in the long run. It is rather telling yourself why and when you deserve to be paid for your services.

This is really tough for young entrepreneurs, especially when the big shots are giving some of these services free. But that’s why you cannot afford to be quiet today. First you must understand that your talent is meant to be shared AND sold.

The reason for this this post is because, we tend to do more of the former and soon we are frustrated.

It is great to give free services to get credibility, and then grow from each experience with a client. You may wait forever if you think someone will one day remember you are talented and give you huge amount to start big. A lot of people enjoy free and cheap services, so, know when to charge for adding value.

How do you know you have added value?

If what you have created has the potential to be of any kind of benefit to the recipient – even if it is the enjoyment of seeing it hang on the wall, then there can be a fair exchange “certificates of appreciation” for it. Dan Miller

If you grew up timid like me, you tend to take your skills for granted. You are probably grateful for opportunities to help, then you continue to help and help and help. Like writing a letter for someone, creating headlines, taglines, painting, wood work and more. It’s your fault that people do not pay you when you expect them to.

The Way Forward For Creative People

Yes, it is good to be of help but know when to grow. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. The skill you are devaluing could be the breakthrough, strength or the resource you’ve been waiting for. It’s not wrong to earn from working for people you know. The truth is that if they value your skills, they will pay so create a friends and family discount instead.

The One Reason To Charge For Your Creative Services

There’s nothing wrong with deciding what’s right or fair and asking to be paid. A friend got a property deal for another house agent friend worth millions. The house agent got 5% from the deal and only took him out for a drink. If you can’t find a good reason to charge, I will give you one, “charge for your time”.

quote on creativity

Don’t allow others sabotage your work, your skills and talent are of great value to more people than you can imagine.

It is time to stop devaluing you talents and gifts, go out there and expand your horizons with your creativity. Grow these skills and talent and earn from them to stay motivated. 

Be Proud Of What You Have

Yes, I am a tailor, a photographer, a blogger, sales person, well, you may not have heard about me but you will and very soon. Even if you are “gainfully employed” you could speak at events, train others, on what you do at the office, consult for others. There so many ways to increase your earning with your skills.

Move From Amateur To A professional

If you want to be valued don’t remain on the same level, you can’t say you are creative and not make changes. There has to be an indication that you are making progress. Stop struggling with charging for your work. If you work for hours and receive no pay you will stop working. Your talents, skills, creativity should make a way for you, find a place to share and sell them.

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