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About Us

was conceived to help individuals to start their business, expand their reach, make more sales, find help to start projects and meet other goals.

With a mission to provide emerging businesses with an opportunity to launch their ideas and find reliable and cost effective services from professionals.Myjobberplus aims to  help propel the rapid growth of entrepreneurship.

From Web and Graphic Designers , Managers, Marketers, Writers to Shoppers, everyone can find almost any service they need. is based out of Nigeria and strives to give everyone the opportunity to buy or sell expert skills to meet their needs or grow their portfolio from anywhere.


We are committed to matching up the best sellers with buyers who are looking to buy high-quality skills and services. We make it easy for a buyer to evaluate the quality of a seller’s work through honest reviews.

There are also quality assessors who make sure honest buyers and sellers are not cheated or discouraged. It’s fast and easy to start your latest project now.

When you need help, have deadlines to meet, need an honest team to work with, don’t have enough money to hire more people but need a job well done; Log on to

Benefits for individuals and businesses

  • Connect with buyers and sellers of top-notch skills, products and services
  • Efficiency, minimal costs and great results
  • A good head start to make more money
  • Options and numerous choices for both the buyers and sellers
  • Helping you attract employers, employees and customers
  • Building relationships and forming partnerships
  • Getting testimonials and ratings that boost your brand
  • Helping you choose and build a great team to meet your goals
  • Bringing together people of courage, flair, instinctive intelligence and spirit so you can build a team that succeeds with you.


  1. The only task is for you to find what’s special about you, what you enjoy doing and how it can meet a need, answer a question or solve a problem.
  2. Harness your skills, be creative, give yourself an edge to start your own business, but most importantly, we are here to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Whoever you are, people are looking for you and now you have an opportunity to become the game changer.

About Myjobberplus

Myjobberplus is a Marketplace that features expert business services and skills at affordable rates to help you meet your goals.

Help your prospects find you quicker and easier.

Buy or sell quality Minijobs from anywhere at anytime.

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