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Website maintenance

Job Budget
₦5,000.00 - ₦10,000.00
This job open for
Must be completed by
September 16, 2016

I would love to make a few changes to my site and take it a little further.

These include:
– mobile view to be optimised, mostly spacing. – reference images to be supplied.

– a menu bar at the bottom of the page above my instagram feed including some menu items from the top – “About, Daily reads, Newsletter, Press, Contact Us.” (these to be removed from the top and replaced at the bottom).

– to look into whether scheduling posts is possible. This would make life a lot easier going forward.

– fonts changed. TBC which fonts.

– active/link colour changes from blue to grey. #e9eaed for link colour and very bottom footer and #f7f8f8 to replace lighter blue behind instagram feed.

– page break between each post on homepage – image reference to be supplied.

– possibly auto recommendations of other post from the same category at the end of each post. – image reference to be supplied.

– feature posts on the home page – image reference to be supplied.

You will need to have these skills:

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